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True or false?
  1. Due to out-of-control residential and commercial real estate development, total U. S. forest acreage is the smallest it has been in a century.
  2. Driven by economic injustice and environmental deterioration, infant and child mortality rates are surging in the developing world.
  3. Globalization is taking its toll on the world’s poorest people, with the poverty rate spiraling out of control over the past two decades.
  4. Cost analysis for standard grocery items (including eggs, meat, butter, coffee, etc.), when weighed against average wages, shows these items to be six times more affordable today than a century ago.
  5. As the overall rate of US violent crime continues to grow, women stand a greater risk than ever of being sexually assaulted.
  6. Toxins in the environment are believed to be the primary cause of the rapidly growing US mortality rates associated with cancer.
  7. The current acceleration of population growth will lead to a doubling of the planet’s total population within a century if left unchecked.
  8. Studies throughout the developed world, but in the U.S. in particular, show a rapid global drop in intelligence correlated with more hours spent watching TV and playing video games.
  9. Sub-Saharan Africa has been experiencing an economic boom for the past two decades, and is estimated to provide the best return on investment of any developing region in the world.
  10. We live in the most violent period in human history.

How did you do? Answers to be revealed on this week's edition of The World Transformed.


  1. #1 False

    #2 False

    #3 False

    #4 True* (depending on whose inflation figures you use)

    #5 False

    #6 False (cancer mortality rates are declining)

    #7 Maybe (if you don't allow for any of the anticipated influences on population growth)

    #8 False

    #9 True

    #10 False

    I'll check when I get home from work tonight.

  2. Fair point on #7 Phil; I should have RTFQ more closely. In my defense (and this should appeal to a Speculist) I took into consideration the likelihood for human development of off-Earth habitats/other planets over the rest of the century and considered those people to be part of "the planets total population".


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