A Brighter Future

Here's some good news on the domestic illumination front:
Scientists at the Wake Forest University have created a new type of light bulb that promises to be just as efficient as LED equivalents, but without any of the drawbacks. The new field-induced polymer electroluminescent bulbs — FIPEL for short — produce light when an electric current is passed through the nano-engineered plastic layers. The team says that the new type of bulbs are malleable, allowing them to take any shape like compact fluorescent lamps. They also won’t shatter like traditional bulbs, nor will they generate the same hum or flicker.

In addition to lasting forever, these bulbs produce a more natural, sun-like light than you get from LEDs or compact flourescents. And although the article doesn't mention it, I'm guessing these can be disposed of without all the hump-jumping that CFL's require.

All right then. Bring on the plastic light bulbs!


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