Underground Parks

What good would an underground park be?

Parks are about being outdoors. Parks are about sunlight. 

The two New York architects backing the LowLine project agree, so they've figured out a way to concentrate and redistribute sunlight, making a fun, green open space out of an abandoned lower east side trolley station that hasn't seen the light of day (pardon the expression) in more than 60 years.

Obviously, this is a cool idea because of the imaginative repurposing of an existing facility -- technology enabling an unexpected new use of something that's been around for a long time and that wasn't doing anybody any good in its current form. There was no room for a park in that part of the city and now suddenly there is.

Moreover, the proposed use of sunlight has many other potential applications. Keeping with the urban setting, if the refocused sunlight really can support photosynthesis, it's the perfect technology to enable vertical farms. Also, imagine how it might support new uses for caves, abandoned mines, hollowed out asteroids...there are a lot of possibilities.

I'm sitting here in the basement as I write this. Come to think of it, this space could use a little extra sunlight!


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