Why Are We Here?

Human beings are capable of experiencing joy.


It may be a fluke, an unintended consequence of emotional machinery that contributes to our survival in perfectly mundane ways. Or perhaps it’s an optimum that we have evolved to, or are evolving to. Or maybe we were designed to experience joy.

But whichever of these is true, if any, the experience of joy can fill an obstinate gap in our understanding of things.

Whether or not an answer is available (or the question even means anything), we are prone to ask, “Why are we here?”

“To experience joy” is not a bad answer. Not bad at all.


  1. If you have taken 'a vow of happiness' or a "vow of lightness", renounced illusions of control, and take delight in things for themselves without reference to yourself; watching, observing, and to some extent knowing, then the questions of rights and wrongs of power and control become utterly meaningless to you, and the means of power quite valueless...

    based on j.r.r. tolkien's sense of Tom Bombadil's ethic


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