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Sweet serendipity strikes again:
A NOSH-aspirin a day may just help keep cancer away

What began as an effort to make aspirin safer for regular use may have resulted in a powerful new weapon in the fight against cancer. Scientists from The City College of New York (CCNY) have developed a new aspirin compound that is safer than the classic medicine cabinet staple, but also exhibits greatly enhanced anticancer properties.

The new designer aspirin curbed the growth of 11 different types of human cancer cells in culture without harming normal cells, reported a team from the City College of New York. The cancers controlled included colon, pancreatic, lung, prostate, breast, and leukemia. The aspirin compound also shrank human colon cancer tumors by 85 percent in live animals, again without adverse effects.

You know, for a drug that is the very definition of commonplace OTC nothing-more-to-see-here, aspirin has had a pretty darn good run. First it's widely adopted as a pain reliever / fever reducer and then, decades later, we realize that it's an effective hedge (for some) against heart disease -- and even the correct treatment (for some) for a heart attack! More recently we have been looking closer at the contribution its anti-inflammatory properties might have to health overall.

So why should we be surprised when we tweak a few molecules and it turns out that it's the cure for cancer? Heck, tweak a few more -- maybe it's the fountain of youth, too!


  1. some things are just darn good. The wheel, fire, printing, food preservation, separation of church and state. Aspirin is looking like one of these.

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