This Makes SENSE

Check out the Skills Exchange Network for Strategic Empowerment, or SENSE, as recently announced by Peter Nguyen over on LinkedIn:

SENSE works in a very simple manner: the more you teach others, the more credits you get, which allows you to receive training from other members.
So if you teach another person a particular skill for one hour, you get 100 credits. This allows you to receive training from another member.
For example, you might spend one hour teaching someone how to create a WordPress blog.
Thus, you earn 100 credits which allow you to learn, from another person, how to use Camtasia (a professional video editing application).
And it’s a lot of fun because you get to meet new people and make new friends!
This is a great idea, another approach to the challenge I mentioned earlier this week -- how do we begin to see social networks as media for exchanging value over and above entertainment? A sensible way to start is to begin identifying what we each have to teach each other and what we can learn from each other. And seeing as unstructured and semi-structured educational models look to become predominant in the near future, developing a model for fair give-and-take learning seems timely.

Best of Luck to Peter Nguyen -- we'll be keeping an eye on his site.

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