Learning Languages Makes You Smarter

Sure, we always knew that learning another language was a good way to show how smart you are, but it turns out that using more than one language actually increases your intelligence.:
Why learning languages makes you smarter

You knew learning languages was good for you: for your vocabulary, for your social life, for your job prospects, and for your chances of getting an A in school.  But did you know how good it is?  Several recent studies have come out pointing to the benefits of language learning.  Here’s a roundup of some of the most interesting.

Babies can tell the difference between different languages before they can speak themselves. Being exposed to more than one language from birth gives you the ability to distinguish between different languages when your monolingual peers can’t, and you retain that ability longer, according to this ScienceNOW article.
Speaking only one language is apparently the mental equivalent of living a sedentary lifestyle. Who wants a couch potato for a brain? Add a language and your brain engages in the equivalent of frequent trips to the gym. Perhaps adding a second language makes your brain a marathon runner. Throw in one more and your brain becomes a veritable Navy Seal.


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