Because It's Good For You

The headline is a little misleading:

Don't Call It Pampering: Massage Wants to Be Medicine

"Wants to be?" Well, let's see about that:
Research over the past couple of years has found that massage therapy boosts immune function in women with breast cancer, improves symptoms in children with asthma, and increases grip strength in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. Giving massages to the littlest patients, premature babies, helped in the crucial task of gaining weight.

The benefits go beyond feelings of relaxation and wellness that people may recognize after a massage. The American College of Physicians and the American Pain Society now include massage as one of their recommendations for treating low back pain, according to guidelines published in 2007.
Sounds to me like massage is medicine. I was tempted to make this story part of the "Extend Your Life Now" series, but life extension isn't specifically mentioned, so okay. There are plenty of other what are you waiting for? Get a massage already.


  1. A great massage is one of the things that make an extended life WORTH living :-)


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