Who Are We Humans?

Here's a fun and provocative video from a group calling themselves The Human Project:

The Human Project sounds like an organized version of the the Human Imperative. (Naturally I'm all for that.)

"Who are we humans?"  is awkward. If I might rephrase slightly: "Who are we? Humans?"

Almost. That's what we've been trying to be for a long time. And we're getting closer. To quote myself:
Alone among the creatures of the earth, we have conceived in the present day an image of the coming day. We have imagined a world in which the shadows recede and the light shines ever brighter. We have imagined ourselves in the coming day to be freer, more intelligent, more capable, more creative, and more filled with joy than we are in the present day. Alone among the creatures of the earth, we change ourselves, our circumstances, and the world itself in order to realize that vision.
I'm something of a human exceptionalist. We're the only species on the planet (as far as we can tell) that knows it's a species and knows it's on a planet. We're already different. We're already headed somewhere. And we're not (yet) even Martians, much less Andromedans.

Being human means wanting...to be human. It means striving to do more, know more, be more than we have done, known, been. It means working to transform the world, to make it better all the time.


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