Save Money. Cure Aging.

What economic benefits might the fountain of youth bring?
Photo via Boomers Life
Aubrey de Grey outlines the tremendous economic advantages associated with ending aging. Aging is expensive because of the dramatic medical expenditures that result from it, particularly those incurred in the last year of life. It also removes experienced, productive people from the workforce.

He  examines the questions of whether eliminating aging would cause overpopulation and whether the availability of anti-aging techniques to an elite few will create a new kind of class division in society.

While he deals well with all of these issues, I think Aubrey's best point is that the proposed downsides to ending aging are all speculative, whereas we know the impact of medical expenses. Even more to the point, there is no really good argument for allowing 100,000 people to die every day.

It's exciting that this debate is taking place. This isn't a debate that could have occurred at any previous time in history, except for in purely hypothetical terms. Today even those raising questions about overpopulation and class discrimination acknowledge the possibility that such treatments may one day be possible. Increasingly, we view a world without aging as not something merely to speculate about, but rather a possible world we can choose to create.


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