A Revolution in Organ Replacement

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The MPrize is rolling out a new, very ambitious initiative:
New Organ 
A crowdfunded prize to award the team that creates the first complex organ - heart, lung, pancreas, liver, or kidney - from a person's cells.
According to the site, more than 100,000 people in the U.S. alone are on waiting lists hoping to receive on organ donation. Organ donation is a wonderful thing, but the current process is slow and painful, demanding tremendous sacrifice on the part of the donor (most often, the donor's life itself.) And because of the limitations of this process, many would-be recipients also die while waiting for the help that never comes.

This prize can be the beginning of a complete transformation of process of replacing organs. Imagine organ recipients not needing to wait for someone to die or undergo major surgery (and subject themselves to new lifelong health risks). Imagine recipients being 100% certain that the new organ will be a "match," eliminating the need for costly and risky immunosuppressive therapy.

These are very real possibilities. Thousands of lives will be saved. Moreover, these techniques will have tremendous implications for healthy life extension. This breakthrough may be one we all benefit from eventually.

You can donate here. I did.


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