Look, Ma -- No Hands!

It looks like any other BMW 5 Series vehicle driving on the Autobahn. It's fast. It's reliable. It handles great. It's everything you could want...and then some.

For example, your hands never have to touch the steering wheel, and your foot never has to touch the brakes.

Forget cruise control. Now, a newly released video shows what a completely hands-free driving experience might look like.

Based on BMW's ConnectedDrive Connect (CDC) system, the footage shows a BMW 5 series model driving along Germany's Autobahn.

With the car in CDC "real-time mode," the human driver is able to keep his hands off the wheel as the car maneuvers along the busy freeway.

Not only can the car drive itself, but it also looks no different than its non-CDC equipped counterparts thanks to the scanners, sensors, radars and cameras being built right into body, notes JoonBug.com.

Check it out in action...

A world with self-driven robo-cars is going to be a much, much safer world. When will we live there? Unfortunately,  BMW says it won't be ready for another 10-15 years. But seeing as there are now multiple groups (see here and of course here) designing and deploying self-driving cars, we may see them a bit sooner than that.


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